Your first appointment will last for around 60 minutes. In this time we will discuss your lifestyle as well as your symptoms and relevant medical history. We will look in detail at your current dietary choices and patterns and work together to establish some goals which are realistic for you.



Review appointments will last for around 30-45 minutes. We will discuss your progress with diet and lifestyle goals, talk about any challenges you have had and set some further goals as necessary. Some people will only require one or two review appointments whereas others may benefit from more frequent, ongoing support.



The weaning process can be hugely challenging and with so much varying information about 'how best' to do it, it can feel like a minefield.  I can support families during this process, helping to address questions such as when to start and what to give, and also advise on the evidence-based guidance on introducing food allergens to baby's diets. I firmly believe that there is no one 'right' way to wean, and enjoy working with families to make plans which suit their infant. This package includes:​

* 60 minute pre-weaning consultation - this can be arranged in the weeks before you plan to start weaning

*30 minute follow-up at around 4 weeks in

*30 minute follow-up at around 8 weeks in



The Low FODMAP diet is a recent advancement in the management of IBS.  Developed at Monash University in Melbourne, the diet offers a structured approach to identifying specifically which foods cause or exacerbate your IBS symptoms.  Management by a fully qualified Registered Dietitian is essential to ensuring the diet is done correctly, that you are fully supported with the practicalities of this approach and that your diet remains nutritionally balanced throughout. I would strongly recommend booking an initial consultation before starting this package, so that we can discuss your symptoms and lifestyle and assess whether this is the right approach for you. This package includes:

* A Low FODMAP consultation (up to 60 minutes) including in-depth discussion about the principles of the diet, practical tips, advice for shopping and recipes. Evidence-based literature from Kings College London is included in the cost of this package

* A 30 minute review consultation around week 4 to monitor how you are managing with the diet and address any challenges

* A 30 minute review appointment around week 8, with discussion about the FODMAP reintroduction process and next steps



It is well-known that managing our weight and lifestyle is one of the most important things we can do to keep healthy. We are all unique and what's right for each of us will be different. The most important thing is that your goals are right for you and that your overall wellbeing is kept at heart. There are no quick-fixes however with the support of a qualified and experienced Registered Dietitian, real change is achievable.  This package includes:

* An initial consultation (around 60 minutes), during which we will discuss your personal weight, diet and lifestyle goals. You will be provided with a personalised plan which will include ideas to support a healthy and nutritious diet, physical activity and more general wellbeing. 

* A 30 minute review at around week 4, to assess your progress, discuss any challenges and make changes to your plan as needed

* A 30 minute review at around week 8, to review your progress