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I am a fully qualified and registered Dietitian (RD) with 13 years of clinical experience. I have worked with all age groups, from babies to adults, and feel passionate about the importance of good nutrition for health and wellbeing.

Nourish-RD is the home of my virtual dietetic consultancy service for the whole of the UK and beyond. My particular areas of experience and expertise are infant feeding, food allergy and intolerance, and the Low FODMAP diet for IBS. When it comes to nutrition there is no 'one size fits all' and I enjoy working with clients and families holistically to make plans which are practical and achievable.  Learn more about the services I can offer here

Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals to be regulated by law which means you can trust that the advice you are given is based on science, not fads. Find out more at

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BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics, The Robert Gordon University, 2010

Future food - Exeter University (with Future Learn), 2020

FODMAP course for Dietitians - Monash University, 2018

MSc Module (Plymouth University): Nutrition & Dietetics in Common Paediatric Disorders, 2017, with Distinction

MSc Module (Plymouth University): Nutrition & Dietetics in Infancy and Childhood, 2015

I have significant experience of media work, including writing for professional publications and magazines, featuring on podcast episodes and TV.

In addition to the above qualifications, I have a wealth of clinical experience from 10 years spent working in the NHS. Most recently I worked in allergy and neonatal teams at the acclaimed Southampton Children's Hospital. 

Fresh Produce


"Ailsa’s invaluable advice made the start of our weaning journey enjoyable and stress free. Our wee boy struggled with reflux, spitting up after every feed. He struggled to gain weight with the added pressure of being low birth weight. Ailsa’s support provided us with the knowledge and confidence to begin weaning our little one at 17 weeks and after the first month he has gained an amazing 3lb. Thanks to Ailsa’s advice we can now relax and continue our weaning journey knowing that our baby is healthy, and happily enjoying nutritious foods."

Claire P, New Mum, Aberdeenshire

I consulted Ailsa about my daughter's chronic abdominal pain. Ailsa gave us very helpful, clear advice that made a huge difference and as a result, my daughter is now healthier and happier.

Sarah, Mum of teenage daughter, Aberdeen

Over a period of time my IBS symptoms had worsened leaving me unable to get a proper nights sleep. Ailsa reviewed all my symptoms and test results and suggested I try the FODMAP diet, which she was very knowledgable about. During the initial phase of exclusion of certain food types my symptoms completely subsided. She identified potential swaps for certain foods and provided a guide meal plan to help. I am currently going through a reintroduction phase of different foods. Ailsa has been extremely helpful and has provided support throughout the process.

Mr T, for IBS support, Aberdeen

"Ailsa has a friendly, down to earth and professional approach which was invaluable when I was a new Mum working out what to feed my baby. She gave sensible, practical and evidence-based advice which was reassuring and realistic, and explained the principles behind her recommendations, which I appreciated. Ailsa gave me the tools and resources to navigate the world of baby and infant nutrition - as a new Mum I was hugely grateful for this. Thank you!"

Ms A, New Mum, Brighton

"As a first time Mum, having a premature baby with feeding difficulties and tongue-tie was incredibly stressful and worrying. Ailsa gave me the support, reassurance and advice I needed to navigate those very difficult newborn weeks. Her advice on bottle feeding and expressing was key to ensuring our baby was getting the nutrition he needed. When he was strong enough to transition from bottle feeding to exclusive breastfeeding Ailsa guided me through this process. She was professional throughout, her knowledge and expertise filled me with confidence. She was incredibly kind and supportive at an anxious and emotionally challenging time. We will forever be grateful for her guidance, which has helped us to have a happy and thriving baby."

Ms N, New Mum, Bath

Ailsa helped us so much with weaning our baby with CMPA. I really wanted my daughter to experience as many foods as possible but was extremely nervous introducing anything new, especially allergens, after some bad reactions. Ailsa gave us the confidence to go ahead and trial foods with her, and held our hands through the initial process by suggesting healthy alternatives and ways to introduce new foods. Our daughter now loves food and we couldn’t be more grateful to Ailsa for the support and advice at what was a very nerve wracking time for us. We were referred to an allergy clinic at the children’s hospital and they commented on the great advice we had been given by Ailsa, and discharged us. We have been so grateful for Ailsa and would highly recommend her. Thank you!

Fiona, New Mum, Aberdeen

Ailsa provided guidance with bowel issues and gut health and was very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks to her advice and support I now know I am going in the right direction to nourish my body and mind. Many thanks!

Ms H, Montrose, for support with gut health

I went to Ailsa on a few occasions for reassurance that my child’s plant based diet was adequate. She was friendly, professional, reassuring and incredibly knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again if needs be and also recommend to anyone looking for support.

Ms G, London, plant-based diet for young child

After suffering various symptoms for close to ten years I decided it was time to seek the help of a specialist. I reached out to Ailsa and we set up an online consultation where she not only looked at my diet but my whole lifestyle. She gave me some simple recommendations in regards to my diet (some straight forward swaps so not to overwhelm me). Within 2 days my symptoms had improved and I've not looked back! I'm now 2 months in and I can't believe my symptoms are now gone. We discovered I have a mild lactose intolerance which I would not have expected, as my symptoms didn't match the common ones you find on google! I would highly recommend Ailsa, she is very easy to talk to and wants you to make manageable changes whilst still enjoying life. Thank you!

K, adult with gut symptoms, Aberdeen

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